Here you will find an overview of part of our rooms in our facilities...

Buro   Exhibition room (picture 1)
Büro   Ausstellungsraum Foto 1
  In our exhibition room we always keep a wide selection of displays ready for presentation and delivery. This selection contains advertising mirrors with BETABRITE motion displays, multi-media mirrors and so on.
Exhibition room (picture 2)   Exhibition room (picture 3)
Ausstellungsraum Foto 2   Ausstellungsraum Foto 3
Here you can see the different ways in which light can be used for advertising purposes. If you like, we also make individual offer to suit your needs.   For urgent orders:
The displayed units may also be purchased directly from our our exhibition room.
Powder Coating Unit (picture 1)   Powder Coating Unit (picture 2)
Pulverbeschichtungsanlage   Pulverbeschichtungsanlage
Powder Coating Unit (picture 3)   Powder Coating burning oven
Pulverbeschichtungsanlage   Pulverbeschichtungsofen
CAD (Computer Aided Design) Room   Electronic Room 1
CAD (Computer Aided Design) Raum   Elektronikraum 1
Assembly Room   Welding Unit Room
Montageraum   Schweissanlagen-Raum
Sawing Room   Drilling Room
Sägeraum   Bohrraum
Drilling and Milling Room   Aluminum Stock
Bohr-, Dreh- und Fräsraum   Aluminium-Lager